Little Reaper 2D

Development Environment(s): Unity2D, Visual Studio
Language(s): C#
Genre: Side Scrolling Platformer
Platform(s): Windows, Android

· Little Reaper 2d is the project I worked on to get a feel for Unity.
· This is a Side Scrolling Platformer style game.
· The player is a little Grim Reaper character that will go through the level and defeat monsters.
· After getting a feel for Unity 2D I moved on to Unity 3D. This game is being brought to life in 3D in Little Reaper 3D.
· My goal for this game is to create a user input experience for mobile devices that is fluid and fun, and does not require the use of on-screen buttons.
· Simply press on the left side of the screen to go left and the right side of the screen to go right. Swipe up with any finger to jump.
· Little Reaper is written in C# using Unity.