Development Environment(s): Visual Studio, XNA Studio
Language(s): C#
Genre: Top-Down Arcade Shooter
Platform(s): Windows, Xbox

· Aero is a top-down arcade style shooter with five levels as well as an extra survival level.
· Each level has its own boss, power-ups, and various enemies.
· The player earns points by destroying enemies, and can spend those points in the shop at the end of each level to upgrade their ship's speed, shields, and weapon damage.
· The boss in the survival round will continue to reappear, getting more difficult as time goes on. Every time the boss in this round is destroyed there is a chance of a shop power-up to drop, allowing the player to enter the shop screen.
· Originally written in C++ as a side project as I learned new concepts in my college courses.
· Eventually became my senior project in college and was rewritten in C# using Visual Basic and Microsoft’s XNA Studio.